What is Canari?

The year is 2113. With all of Earth's natural resources gone, humankind has prevailed and taken to the stars. CANARI (Cybernetic Aerospace Navigation and Reclamation Intelligence) Corporation's Astrobots seek out distant planets and dangerous asteroids searching for precious minerals, paving the way for human mining colonies. 

Reclaimation robots are durable, strong, but need the cunning and wit of human pilots to survive the hazards of space. It is your job to guide one lost utility bot named LUMIN on an adventure to find their way home. Armed with only his light, your job to ward of the nocturnal creatures that lurk in the darkness. Death is certain. Failure is not. By extracting energy rich crystals, you are able to rebuild your robot stronger than ever after each death.



  • Use non-violent combat to stay alive in the dark
  • Hybrid hand-crafted and procedural levels mix story with constantly changing challenges
  • Permadeath: Players control their respawns by collecting energy. No energy, no respawn and no save points.
  • Explore alien caverns for hidden treasures and bank energy to access new equipment
  • Community Driven Design: Play the game early and define the future of CANARI

early access edition includes:

  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Three levels of the first environment
  • Challenging Boss fight
  • Global rankings of your performance
  • Full version of the final release when its complete


Best Music and Sound Design
GAMEACON 2016 Crystal Award Winner


Now in Early Access on Itch.io!






Craig Stevenson

Rob Hafey

Kevin Appel, Brett Johnson,

Tariq Lateef, Nate Ten

Tobias Solbakk